Make a Difference –
We are a system development company that solves customer problems with our software technologies.  Japan’s development has been underpinned by social infrastructure systems of high quality. Among others, “a mission-critical system”―the system to run social hubs that must not be stopped-has become increasingly complex due to the development and diversification of technologies in recent times.

We, MKDF, were established in 2019 mainly by members who have been engaged in such system development for many years.

Amid a dizzying pace of changes in today’s society and technologies, the required level of services has also been rising significantly. Under these circumstances, our company can provide cutting-edge solutions, using our legacy as leverage.  While paying respect to a long succession of events in history and tradition, we sense changes in society quickly and take action ahead of the times.

Creating a new value that goes a step ahead, we bring innovation to the world. We aim to contribute to the development of society by accumulating each and every difference that we make.

About Company profile

Compnay name MKDF, Inc.
Establishment September 2019
Head Office 3F, SK Yotsuya Building, 2-1-1 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0004 Japan
Development Center 2F,SK Yotsuya Daini Building, 1-10-11 Wakaba Shinjyuku-ku,Tokyo 160-0011 Japan
Capital 50 million yen
Board Members Chairman & Representative Director:Kazuhiro Kimura
President & Representative Director:Yoshitaka Minagawa
Senior Managing Director:Hideki Fujimoto
Managing Director:Motoaki Kato
Corporate Officer:Akira Kato
Company Auditor:Takeomi Kabumoto
Business Contents Provision of system consulting, design, and engineeringPlanning, sales, and operation of solutions